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Sounding the alarm on America's Military and Medical Professions

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Book released October 2023!

Available in Paperback and Kindle Format





After Vietnam, America and its military said, “Never Again!” Tragically, Afghanistan ended in similar failure despite years of obvious indications that it was unwinnable. I have been treating casualties on the front lines of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and of COVID-19 in America.  After graduating first in my class at West Point, I deployed to Haiti as an Army Infantry officer and then to Iraq and Afghanistan as an Army Emergency Physician. My writings expose the disconnect between the falsehoods and political correctness of failed general officers and the ground truth of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The human toll never lies.

Eventually, I came home to practice medicine as a civilian and it became very apparent that a cultural civil war was emerging. The COVID-19 pandemic ended centuries of freedom of speech and rational scientific thought and saw the dangerous rise of politically weaponized medicine. I trace the COVID-19 timeline and challenge the official COVID-19 and DEI narratives of health leaders in the government and medical organizations. Dialogues and meetings I had with leaders of several major medical organizations also expose how progressive ideologies are ruining science, medicine, public trust, and the nation’s health.

Envisioned years ago, this book was never originally intended to have been written in this manner. I had thought about writing a semi-classic war novel about my combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan and perhaps another book about the pandemic from the view of an ER doctor in the trenches. Circumstances made it clear that was not to be. Just as I did at the end of my military career, I began a process of trying to make sense of what I was seeing versus what I was being told I was seeing. It was incomprehensible to me that all these disparate issues were popping up in the military and medicine and they did not seem to be random. As I was coming up for air from my military years, I began to notice some political bantering in sports, my child’s school, and even medicine. What had previously been a few extremists whose influence was kept in check seemed to be becoming increasingly pervasive. The deeper I looked, the more I found. The more I found, the more my eyes were opened to the unfortunate trend our country was taking. Extreme political views were becoming accepted as the new culture and were now present in fields that should not have been influenced by politics.


Contemporary medical leaders are imposing their ideology on both physicians and patients using the paradigm CREATE-INDOCTRINATE-ENFORCE. Military leaders are doing the same in our armed forces. Using troublesome war stories and graphic combat photographs from the battlefield and the emergency room, I present this as a documentary and analysis of the state of the military and medicine as seen at my level. My objective is to help train your eyes to identify how and what is happening, then to inspire you to do something about it. These military and medical disasters should never be repeated. America is being destroyed by a cultural civil war. I have come home TO war.

* *10% of the first year of net proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to serve the families of US service members who were killed or died of wounds in Afghanistan.

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